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"What is Christmas? It is tenderness for the past, courage for the present, hope for the future. It is a fervent wish that every cup may overflow with blessings rich and eternal, and that every path may lead to peace."
-Agnes M. Pharo

About The Mission

Mission Statement

Christmas Can Cure is a 501c3 formed to give Wounded Warriors and their families the opportunity for a perfect Christmas. The Carrier family of Jackson, New Hampshire formed Christmas Can Cure with the belief that, for some, the holiday season brings out the very best in people, while in other circumstances, the pressure to provide that perfect Christmas can also bring out some of the most difficult emotions. The pressures associated with returning from service and physical recovery can make the spirit of Christmas difficult, if not impossible to embrace. By granting that family in need a perfect (hopefully white) Christmas, perhaps that sadness becomes glee, fear becomes pride, depression becomes enthusiasm, and the holiday can give them the fresh start they need in the new year. Then, just maybe, the magic of Christmas can start the healing process in their lives and perhaps Christmas Can Cure.

Additionally, our Mission is to remember the true spirit of Christmas and to provide a vehicle to help grateful citizens show their thanks to the men and women who have sacrificed so much in service to our country.  We also want to honor the memories of the Wounded Warrior's fallen brothers and sisteres; thereby thanking their loved ones for their ultimate sacrifice.

Our Approach

The wars being fought in Iraq and Afghanistan are unlike any other previous conflicts. For every soldier killed in combat, 9 are wounded (in contrast, Vietnam had a ratio of 2 to 1). With so many returning with wounds both great and small, the need to assist our veterans is greater than anytime in our history.

The mental and physical strain only gets worse around the holidays, with the added pressure, both emotional and financial, to provide a perfect Christmas for their families. To relieve this stress, Christmas Can Cure seeks to give these soldiers a Christmas they not only look forward to, but one they will remember for a lifetime.

This is accomplished by partnering with The Wounded Warriors Project who manages the selection of all the Warriors. Christmas Can Cure then sends selected wounded veterans and their families to either the picturesque New England town of Jackson, New Hampshire, or the snow-capped peaks of Park City, Utah. While there, they can escape their worries by going on sleigh rides through the forests, relaxing by the fire, and even experiencing activities they may never have had a chance to try before. With the help of our partners like the National Ability Center and the Ability Plus Ski Program, they may even find themselves participating in sports and activities they may have previously thought impossible as a result of their injuries. Our goal is to remind them that they are not alone in these most trying of times, and that their futures are still ones of hope and progress and happiness. With the help of countless active citizens who donate their time, talent and treasure, these veterans can relax and celebrate the holidays with their families. Working together, we can make a difference in the lives of those that protect us, and show them the gratitude they so richly deserve.

Meet the Families Behind the Mission

The Lee Family

The Lee family are multi-generational San Franciscans who have become entrenched in the Las Vegas and Mesquite, Nevada communities. The oldest Lee son, Greg, founded the Eureka Resort Casino with his father, Ted, and mother, Doris, in 1997. From that point forward, the Lee's have sought to raise both the level of hospitality within their company and also the quality of life in Mesquite. Three years ago, Greg's longtime friend, Andre Carrier, joined him to collaborate on the effort to grow and support the Eureka Resort and the new Mesquite.

This year, the Lee family's desire to unite their company's passion for community service, their deep appreciation for our country's service men and women, and their personal love of sharing Christmas with others, will come to fruition.

"We are grateful for the Wounded Warrior Project's leadership in serving our country's warriors, and we are thankful for the Carrier family for sharing with us a way to give back. We are especially excited to have found a community of likeminded citizens in Park City who have volunteered to share their beautiful town and warm hearts to two families they have not yet met. Dana, Graham, Katie and I are looking forward to being a part of a magical Christmas!"

The Carrier Family

Multi generational New Englanders, The Carrier Family is lead by patriarchs Dr. Gerald and Delores Carrier. With their five children and nine grand children, they collectively conceived of Christmas Can Cure. What began as an idea to invite a returning Warrior and their family to join them to experience their first white Christmas, quickly became much more. The origins of the vision no doubt stems from the many magical Christmas they spent at their home high in the White Mountains of Jackson, NH. With the extended family totaling more then 30, the entire Clan is now involved in one way or another in serving the Christmas Can Cure mission. With two members of the extended family currently serving in Afghanistan and Iraq, others who served in both WWII and Vietnam, and two USMA graduates, the family is passionate about serving our returning Warriors. The family is proud of its home in the Mt. Washington Valley and of its openhearted citizens and is excited to share all the activities and traditions of Christmas in New England with returning Warriors and their families. It was the greatest hope of the family to see Christmas Can Cure spread to other cities and for that reason they are so thankful to Greg, Dana and the entire Lee family for beginning CCC in Park City this year.

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